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Few seconds of clarity

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You wake up in the morning and catch few seconds of clarity. Those are the precious ones. Then you get back to your thoughts, or rather they crawl back to you and the moments when you smile for no reason disappear. Now your mind is getting busy, cause now you’re wearing a pair of glasses. They define how you see everything. There’re as many glasses as there’re people and more. We can wear different ones every day or even change them a few times a day. It depends. Some people have only one pair and some have plenty and keep on getting more.

You got the first pair early in life. Everybody got their own. But at times they fell off of you, later you may have even taken them off. As the time went on you wore them more and more often to the point where you forgot you were wearing them. But you could notice other people’s. Sometimes they tried to make you switch the pair, you did it to some people too. Many thought that other people's glasses should be more like their own, of which they paradoxically forgot.

Some have the ability to make others WANT to get the glasses they sell. People get those glasses with pleasure. Some don’t really care what others are wearing. They choose not to pay attention to them and try to see who is underneath. They are wearing a pair that is almost transparent, the one that is only slightly distorted. Some people are not wearing glasses, but they still can look directly at the Sun and they see well when it’s foggy. Some people want to take their glasses off but end up getting more.

And there’re those, who left their pair on the beach and never got a new one.

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