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My first time making a deodorant (the recipe, ingredients and tips)

Updated: Oct 29

It finally happened🤍🐰

I got my ingredients for a deodorant a few days ago. The recipe I chose was mimicking my ex deodorant (cruelty-free brand, effective, safe and with the best scent ever)🙃 I loved that one dearly until discovered it was owned by non-cruelty-free company. So I decided to find an alternative, and since that one worked well, I wanted the same ingredients in my new one. I didn’t happen to find any with the same ones, many had coconut oil in them, surprisingly I don’t really enjoy it, some – corn starch (a no-no, since it is something that will promote the growth of Candida and thus may cause irritation), others were scented differently. So since what I wanted was the same experience, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try to make my own.

AND IT WORKED. I’m not an experienced DIYer, the only things I made so far were soaps (using the organic base and simple ingredients like pink and black clay and lemon and oregano essential oils) and soy candles (which I keep on making and love), so I wasn’t expecting the deo to be perfect from the first try, but it turned out great.

Upd.: since I posted it 4 days ago, I found plenty of new ingredients and tips. I share them on Twitter.

The ingredients for my first one are simple, I found all of them on Iherb. These are the ones I used (the links contain my promo code, which gives you 5% discount and me 5% reward):

Shea butter (raw&unrefined)

Arrowroot powder (starch)

Baking soda (kaolin or a mix of soda and kaolin will work as an alternative for a gentler formula)

Cocoa butter

Oils I used:

Pure bergamot essential oil

Pure lime essential oil

But there’re plenty of combinations that you may wanna try using. I loved lavender+sage in my old deodorant. You can also make it without oil, if you prefer, but it will have a scent of cocoa butter🙂

Making it is as easy as it gets (figuring out the perfect proportions make take some time).

The recipe I like:

  1. Melt shea butter and cocoa butter by putting a ceramic cup in a small saucepan with a couple inches of water and simmer until your butter is barely melted. (proportion that I like is roughly 3 teaspoons of Shea and 1 of cocoa). TIP: melt at the lowest temp. Start at 35°C/95°F. (I tried adding mango butter to the mix, and I loved it. It makes the texture gentler and creamier).

  2. Take the cup off the heat, add arrowroot powder and soda and stir till the texture is completely smooth (roughly 1.5 teaspoon of soda and 2.5. (You can adjust the amount of soda. I use my deodorant when I’m at home sometimes, and add less soda to it, sometimes I mix soda with pink clay).

  3. Add essential oils (I added 5 drops of lime and 3 drops of bergamot and 3-5 of vitamin E oil. TIP: I always make a small amount of deodorant at the time, since I prefer it fresh (I store at a room temperature, make sure I use dark glass or aluminum jar), so I don’t have to add too much of vitamin E (the oil is absorbed well through skin, and in this case less is more).

  4. Stir well, fill the jar you want to use, put into the freezer for a 3 minutes, then stir again and cool in the fridge for an hour.

It’s not a stick deodorant, so it’s better to use a little spatula and then apply with fingers.

If you haven’t ever used soda on your skin, try it first to see if your skin is ok with it, if not, you can substitute it with a bit of pink clay (kaolin mixed with red clay). And since essential oils are very potent, be mindful about using them. It’s better to use smaller amounts until you’re sure you don’t have any negative reactions. For organic lovers – Formula Botanica. Upd.: but first, read this

Olive 🫒

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