• Olive

Prague Week 1

Nature being everywhere in the city is stealing my heart. The air is delicious and much-much cleaner them in Saint-Petersburg even along the traffic. Somehow everything seems different but I can’t quite point at what is it that makes it seem so. Czech is spoken really fast. Public transport is clean and comfortable. Delivery is slower than in Spb. Shop assistants are nice, not pushy at all and seem to be ok no matter if you bought something or not. FOOD IS DELICIOUS. The brands of supplements and cosmetics that I’m used to are not here or not as popular. But there’re so many great European brands of natural cosmetics, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to shop. CBD is sold everywhere, still to figure out the quality brand, but the one I got seems to work. Dogs are lovely, I already met one, that was very interested in my paper bag, Polly. There're benches everywhere and it seems they serve beer Almost everywhere too.

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