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Thick Face, Black Heart

The Warrior Philosophy for Conquering the Challenges of Business and Life

by Chin-Ning Chu is a rather curious read. While I‘m far from being inclined to choose the concept of Thick face, Black heart to navigate my life, I found the concept to be a great explanation for behavior of thousands of successful people In the world of business and politics.

The book is worth reading and not just once. From what I gathered by now, I got a much better understanding of how to interact with certain people and what could be the motives of their behavior, how to protect myself from some of the predator‘s manipulations and to my surprise I even found a few things that have been a part of my behavior for a long time and helped me in achieving my goals. I agree with some concepts strongly and disagree with some it terms of applying them in my own life. The main thing is to start reading the book with an open mind, like a researcher rather than like a person who is looking for a how-to instruction to life.

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