You can  support us by making a donation through Ko-fi and becoming a Benefactor. You will get credit on the Benefactors page with an active link to your social media or art profile, just provide your nickname and a preferable link. Of course, you can also make a donation anonymously. 

You can contribute to the community resources by getting your content (stickers, digital illustrations, printables, tutorials, etc.) uploaded to the RedMorningCups if you share my values. Your content will be available for download (for personal use only) for free, provided with your prefered name and an active link to your social profile, portfolio or online shop. If at any moment you decide that you don't want your work(s) to be available on RedMorningCups, contact me and they will be removed. You can apply for the approval of your content by filling out this form

If you have any questions at all, let me know, and I'll get back to you.